Quartz Countertops & Surfaces

In the August 2010 Consumer Reports issue on Kitchen Remodeling, I was asked to comment on the use of quartz countertops. While natural stone will likely always be the first countertop choice in the luxury market, quartz has many advantages that I think kitchen remodelers should consider.

First, quartz is extremely consistent in color, texture and quality because it is a manufactured product. Unlike granite, marble and other natural stones, quartz is not subject to the whims of nature. This can be especially helpful with large countertops where it can be difficult to find natural stone with consistent coloring.

Second, because quartz countertops tend to be less porous than natural stone they need less maintenance and are less prone to bacteria. This ease-of-care can be an important advantage for a family with children on the go.

Finally, because the color of quartz counter-tops is determined by the manufacturer, some astonishing hues are possible making them an excellent choice for the aesthetically adventurous. I will not speculate if lime green will be in favor five years from now, but it does make a spectacular statement today!