While technology has been used to improve Wood-Mode products by reducing costs and expanding material choices, it is still the meticulous hand work employed by the skilled craftsmen that makes Wood-Mode cabinets a cut above the rest.

From the very beginning, Wood Mode has been obsessed with perfection in its finishes. As described on their website, Wood-Mode offers the following arcane description of their unique hand finishing process:

  • Multiple hand and machine sanding and oven-baked drying operations are used on every finish to insure long-lasting quality and durability.
  • Eight hand distressing options—dents, nicks, rasping, worm holes, joint cracks, rub throughs, splits and wear-aging techniques—are used to produce an antiqued character and flavor.
  • Wood-Mode’s process of wetting the wood to raise the grain, along with one-and two-step hand staining, produces deep colors with enhanced wood grain and beauty.
  • Uniform color in the wood is achieved with toning and spray staining applications.
  • Time-tested hand-padding, hand cow-tailing, hand-burnishing processes are used to add further antique furniture appearance.
  • To produce the many different looks popular in today’s home interiors, six different hand-glazing techniques are offered by Wood-Mode.
  • Catalyzed sealer, hand-sealer sanding, spec distressing and catalyzed matte or standard sheen varnish spray operations are used to create lifetime durability and beauty on our stained custom cabinet wood products. Wood-Mode’s catalyzed oven-baked varnish top coat with ultraviolet screen inhibitors provides maximum resistance to scuffing, dents, moisture, UV fade and most household chemicals.
  • Our opaque finishes receive high quality sealer, primer and catalyzed color coats to insure beauty and lifetime durability. An extensive hand-sanding operation is performed between each spray application.
  • Our multi-step hand-buffing process creates the smoothest, richest patina imaginable.

While most consumer’s eyes would glaze over from the thought of these steps, the important point to remember is that Wood-Mode is devoted to designing and producing cabinets and furniture that truly will provide a life-time of pleasure and performance.