The following kitchen remodeling planning guide, provided by Wood-Mode and Better Kitchens, will help you to organize your thoughts and resources to insure that your remodeling project is a success. Click here for a PDF version of this kitchen planning guide.

  1.   Is this a plan for a new home______, a remodel kitchen_____ or an addition ________?
  2.   Have you ever— remodeled a home before ______? built a new home before ________?
  3.   Do you have another facility to use during the remodeling?
  4.   Will you need assistance with installation?
  5.   Is there a particular completion date for the project?
  6.   What is the main reason you are planning to invest in a new kitchen?
  7.   Has anyone else assisted you with the planning of this kitchen?
  8.   How did you happen to choose us for assistance?
  9.   Do you have a scrapbook of ideas or pictures we may discuss? If so please have them available at our next meeting so we may discuss.
  10.   How many household members? Adults____ Children (ages) ________ Pets (type)______
  11.   Who will be the primary cooks in this kitchen?
  12.   What hand are they?  Left ___  Right ___  How tall are they?
  13.   Do you like to cook? ______What kinds of dishes, i.e. desserts, main course, etc. _______
  14.   Will they have any special physical requirements we should be aware of?
  15.   What improvements on the current/past kitchen should we consider for your new one?
  16.   Do you entertain frequently?__________ If so, formally ________ or informally _______
  17.   Will the room serve additional purposes, i.e. laundry __, hobbies__, wine/alcohol bar__,
    computer station__, television, other?
  18.   Will meals be served in the kitchen?______ Total to be served at one time?
  19.   What type of eating area have you considered, i.e. freestanding table, counter bar area,?
  20.   If you are considering a counter bar how many people should it seat?
  21.   If possible do you desire storage for tall items such as brooms, mops, etc.?
  22.   What is your cycle of food shopping?
  23.   What new appliances are you considering for your new kitchen? Oven: single _____ double_____    Cooktop separate from oven _____ Range/Stove ______ Ventilation system______ Garbage Disposal_____ Barbecue grill ______ Microwave ______ Wine chiller _____ Compactor ______  Espresso machine _______  Warming drawer______ Refrigerator:   side-by-side ______ freezer on top ______ freezer on bottom ______ Water filter _______ Hot water dispenser ______ Soap dispenser ______ Dishwasher _____
  24.   What appliances if any are you planning on retaining for use? Please list:____________
  25.   What type of service are you planning?  Gas/Propane________  Electric ____________
  26.   What other cabinet accessories are you considering for your new kitchen?
    Tray storage ______ Spice storage ______ Lazy susans ______ Roll-out shelving ________
    Bread bin ______ Cutlery dividers ______ Towel bar _______ Recycle/Waste bins ________
    Tilt-down sink trays ______ Cutting surfaces _______ Glass doors _______ wine rack _____
    Small appliance storage _____ Knife storage ______
  27.   Do you have any special storage needs, i.e. Kitchen Aid mixer, pasta machine, table linens?
  28.   Do you have any color preferences?
  29.   Any colors you do not like?
  30.   Do you have a preference for single control faucets or separate hot and cold?(circle one)
  31.   Do you have any preference in countertop material?
  32.   Do you have any preference in flooring material?
  33.   Do you have any preference in wall covering?

Every project has a range of investment based upon the materials selected and the degree of labor involved to accomplish the project.  To assist you in getting the most from your project it is necessary to have a range of investment that you are considering.   If you have not determined what that range might be I will happy to answer your questions and assist you at our next meeting.

Please note any ideas or questions as they arise and we will address them at our next meeting.