It is important to remember that your Wood-Mode dealer is the first call you should make if you have trouble with your Wood-Mode cabinets or hinges.

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By its nature, wood expands and contracts with the changing seasons and humidity. With frequent use, it is not uncommon for door hinges to loosen over time. As a result, adjustments to the door hinges will be required to insure a continued perfect fit. This is especially true of the Design Group 84 cabinets and doors because of the close tolerances.

Many Wood-Mode hinges are made by a highly respected European hardware manufacturer, Blum. There are two basic hinge types one has a long, slender leg that attaches to the cabinet. The other hinge type used both on Brookhaven and Wood-Mode cabinets has a round, short face that attaches either to the front or the edge of the cabinet frame front.

If your Wood-Mode or Brookhaven long-leg hinge needs adjustment, follow these directions.brookhaven-cabinetry-melamine-interior-white-v2

Wood-Mode fully-concealed frameless hinges have three (3) adjusting screws located beneath the decorative plastic Wood-Mode cover plate. The screws allow for the following adjustments:

1. Front Screw: side-to-side adjustment

2. Center Screw: front-to-back adjustment

3. Rear Screw: up or down adjustment

If your door is loose on the hinges it is likely that one or more of the screws attaching the hinge to the door or cabinet frame are loose. Hand-tighten the screws as required. Do not use a drill or mechanical screwdriver to tighten the screws as this may result in stripping the plastic inserts that expand into the drilled holes in the cabinet and door faces.

The other type of Woodmode hinge comes in a number of variations but will be similar to the images below.

wood-mode-overlay-hinge-3 wood-mode-overlay-hinge-1

With this type of hinge, the door can be raised or lowered by loosening the the two screws attaching the hinge to either the cabinet frame face or inside edge. Of course, you must loosen and adjust both the top and bottom hinges on the door to be adjusted.

The door can be adjusted horizontally (straightened) by loosening the single screw located in the center of the hinge at the pivot point and carefully moving the door left or right.

One last editorial comment on this type of hinge. There is a plastic insert in some of these hinges that helps to keep the hinge tight and to close the door when partially open. Occasionally, these plastic pieces become dislodged or break. This situation is hastened if the hinge becomes loose and is not tightened. If you are experiencing this type of problem, call your Wood-Mode dealer and they can likely send you a replacement.

It is important that a loose door is corrected as soon as possible. Allowing a loose hinge to continue to work itself free may result in stripping the plastic insert that holds the screw securely to the door or cabinet. If this happens, call your Wood-Mode dealer immediately for assistance.

By Alan Zielinski