Great Kitchen Design = A Great Kitchen

To some, designing a kitchen is about ergonomics, storage, preparation and cooking.  At Better Kitchens, we believe that kitchen design is about passions  –  your passions.

Are you a busy family with children?  For you, a kitchen might mean a place to do homework, a gathering spot for a shared daily meal and a space to minimize wasted cooking time and effort.

better-kitchens-design-home-chef-1100pxPerhaps you fancy yourself a serious cook.  In that case, the appropriate design might be a gourmet kitchen with professional appliances and functional work surfaces of stainless steel and marble.

And what if you rarely cook but love to entertain?  An inspired kitchen design might emphasize an open layout that allows guests to flow naturally from the kitchen to larger spaces.  Built-in appliances, such as a wine refrigerator, wet bar, and dedicated ice-maker might replace extra work or food storage space.

Indeed, done well kitchen design is a soul-satisfying reflection of the things you love to do, the way you want to live and the people who are important in your life.

While four basic factors govern the cost of all remodeling projects (scope, design, product and services), none has a greater impact on the quality and value of your investment than the intangible human element embodied in the design services you choose.  Long after cabinets are hung and appliances pushed into place, how well your kitchen was designed will dictate the performance and pleasure you derive from the space.

At Better Kitchens we separate ourselves from the competition by providing the most attentive service, personalized designs and great value. We will help you design and build the kitchen of your dreams at an affordable investment much faster than you think!

But for some this might beg the question, why use a kitchen designer?