How to Choose a Residential Water Filter

Commercial grade kitchen appliances are the foundation of nearly all high-end kitchens designed today.  From ovens and ranges to refrigerators and faucets, heavy-duty items that were once found only in restaurants are now routinely found in the home kitchen.


While there are aesthetic reasons to select commercial grade appliances, most consumers choose a restaurant-quality appliance or fixture because of superior function, performance and value. It makes sense. Families that love to cook or entertain want the right tools and best ingredients!


One restaurant-quality fixture that we believe every kitchen should have is an Everpure water filter.  Manufactured locally in Hanover Park, Better Kitchens has been installing Everpure products in the finest Chicago kitchens for many years.

Think about it this way.  There is nothing in your kitchen more important or frequently used than water.  Whether extracting the perfect shot of espresso or sweating the details of a new bread dough, water can make all of the difference.

To the refined palette, good water tastes different.  Municipal water in Park Ridge, Glenview and Chicago is always rated some of the safest in the country. However, looking past the benefits of removing harmful contaminants, a residential water filter will strip away the chlorine and other chemical compounds that give tap water its “off taste”.  And unlike refrigerator-based water pitchers, you will never pour a glass of water filled with little bits of black carbon or tasting of last night’s leftovers.

A built-in water filter does cost a bit more up front, but the investment is returned not only in savings over time, but also through convenience, enjoyment and the comfort that you are helping to protect the environment. Think about this. You could travel to a Chicago grocery store and cart cases of water into your home, or you could have Better Kitchens install a water filter once and enjoy fresh, clean, crisp drinking water without the hassle or inconvenience of bottled water.

Contact Better Kitchens today for a free consultation on choosing the right Everpure water filter for your gourmet kitchen in Chicago.

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